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  • Maltese Dog


    Origin: This ancient dog was described by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus as belonging to the “Melita” breed, an archaic ame for Malta. It was developed in Italy with the addition of miniature spaniel and poodle blood. Description: Height: dogs, 8- to 10 inches ( 21- 25 cm)q bitches,  8 to 9 inches (20-23 cm.). Weight: […] More

  • Dalmatian

    Origin: There is a total disagreement concerning the origin of this breed. It is certainly very ancient, since traces of it are found on Egyptian bas – reliefs and Hellenic friezes. In 1700, a dog known as the Bengal pointer, similar to the Dalmation, existed in England, calling into question the Dalmatian’s Yugoslavian origins. Description: […] More

  • Pomeranian

    Origin: The Pomeranian has the same prehistoric origins as all the spitz – type dogs, but the breed was developed in the Prussian region of Pomerania Description: Maximum height: qw inches (30cm). Average weight: 11 pounds (5kg). It has a wedge – shaped head, small dark eyes with an intelligent expression, and ointed upright ears. […] More

  • Bob the railway dog

    THIS SCRUFFY GERMAN COLLIE was born in 1882 with four seriously itchy paws. At just nine months old, Bob left his home at the Macclesfield Hotel, South Australia, and began his canine career as a hitchhiker on railway locomotives – often taking himself on interstate trips and being welcomed everywhere by friendly train crews. Peterborough […] More

  • Bamse the Norwegian minesweeper St.Bernard

    Bamse was a Saint Bernard that served aboard a Norwegian minesweeper during World War II. Despite his cute and cuddly appearance—Bamse means “cuddly bear” in Norwegian—he was extremely tough. Bamse was originally brought on board by the ship’s captain. When the captain tried to take Bamse with him when leaving for another posting, the crew, […] More

  • Bedlington Terrier

    Origin: The Bedlington was developed around 1880 by English miners who wanted a dog that would exterminate the rats in mines. The breed, which takes its name from a small town in England, woa obtained by crossings among the Dandie Dinmont, the otterhound, and thw whippet. Descritpion: It has been described as a dog with […] More

  • Official Greyhound Color Chart

    The Greyhound is a breed of dog, a sighthound which has been bred for coursing game and Greyhound racing. Since the rise in large scale adoption of retired racing Greyhounds, it has seen a resurgence in popularity as a family pet. According to Merriam-Webster, a Greyhound is “any of a breed of tall slender graceful […] More

  • Pug

    A little about Pugs Origin: Brought from China to Holland four hundred years ago, the pug was later perfected in England. Description: It has a compact body and well – developed musculature. Height: 10 to 11 inches (25.4-28cm) Weight: 14 to 18 pounds (6.3 – 8 kg) It has a round massive head: a short, […] More

  • Dog Stays by His Master's Grave For Six Years

    The bond between dog and master goes beyond the grave, as evidenced by Capitán’s unyielding loyalty to his master Miguel Guzmán, from Argentina. Capitán went missing for a few days, but he was eventually found lying in the cemetery next to Guzmán’s resting place. The remarkable part about this story is that Miguel died in […] More