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  • Chinese Imperial Ch’in

    This dog is related to Chinese temple dog, the Pekingese, and the Japanese spaniel. It is a very ancient breed. Until the early 1900’s, it was exclusively the property of the Chinese imperial family Description There are four sizes of Ch’in: the giant, 9 to 10 inches (23-25 cm) hig, weighing 15 pounds (7 kg), […] More

  • Griffon Brabançon – Piccolo Brabantino

    His origin is the same as that of the Belgian Griffon Description The Griffon Brabançon is similar to the Belgian griffon. It differs only in its hair, which is short, and the color of its coat, which is red (sometimes with a dark mask) or black with areas of lighter shading Personalitiy Affectionate, lively, curious, […] More

  • Grand Gascon Saintongeois – Virelade

    Origin The breed was developed by the Baron de Virelade by crossings among the best of the French hunting dogs: the Saintongeois, the Gascon Bleu, and the ArlĂ©geois. In remembrance of its original breeder, the Grand GasconSaintongeois is also known as the Virelade Description The breed is a very typical French hound, with a lean […] More

  • Newfoundland

    Origin There are conflicting hypotheses about the origin of the Newfoundland. There are those who claim the breed derives from Nordic dogs brought to Newfoundland in 1600. Others feel the breed has British origins and date its development from the year 1700, when the island of Newfoundland became a British possession. According to this theory, […] More

  • Norwich Terrier

    This dog first appeared during the second half of the nineteenth century under the name of Jones (the name of its breeder); but later it took the official name of Norwich, the city that gave it birth.. During World War I, the breed disappeared; it was later reconstructed from Bedlingtons,  bullterriers, and Irish terriers. Description […] More

  • Pumi

    The breed was developed in 1700 by crossing pulis with French and German sheepdogs. The blood of ancient terriers probably also flows in its veins. Description Pumi dog breed stands between 15 and 18.5 inches tall and weigh between 17 and 33 pounds. The head is long and narrow, with a broad skull. The eyes […] More

  • Trending Hot Popular

    Chow Chow

    The first images of a chow chow appear in a two-thousand-year-old Chinese bas-relief. Its popularity in Europe however, dates back only to the second hail of the nineteenth century when it was brought to England by English merchant ships along with various other goods from the East, and one was given to the Prince of […] More

  • Chinese Crested Dog

    No exact information exists about the origin of this breed. Some scholars, however, doubt that it is of Chinese nationality, naming Ethiopia or Turkey as its country of origin Description This breed is considered small; 10–13 lb (4.5–5.9 kg). At first look, the Hairless and Powderpuff varieties of Chinese crested Dogs appear to be two […] More

  • The power of love – video

    Dog too injured to move from a track is saved by her companion who protects her from trains for TWO DAYS  Lucy was stranded on tracks in Ukraine, too injured to move  But her male friend Panda kept her alive for two days on the tracks He kept pushing her head down when trains zoomed […] More

  • Belgian Griffon (Griffon Belge)

    The Belgian Griffon was developed in the 1800’s through crossing of the Yorkshire, the affenpinscher, the miniature schnauzer and the pug Description According to the standard, the small variety must not weigh more than 6 1/2 pounds (3kg), height 7 to 8 inches (25.5 -40.6 cm.), the large variety, not more than 11 pounds (11 […] More

  • Grand Bleu de Gascogne

    Brought to Europe by the Phoenicians, this hound found a new home in Gaul. Over the course of centuries and with the infusion of bloohound blood, the Grand Bleu was perfected. I is known as “the most noble and powerful of all hounds both in France and the rest of the world. Description Weight: Male: 35–39 […] More