Brought to Europe by the Phoenicians, this hound found a new home in Gaul. Over the course of centuries and with the infusion of bloohound blood, the Grand Bleu was perfected. I is known as “the most noble and powerful of all hounds both in France and the rest of the world.


Weight: Male: 35–39 kg, Female: 35–39 kg. Height: Male: 65–72 cm., Female: 62–68 cm

It has a strong, elongated head with skin forming wrinkles on its cheeks, pendent lips, and a convex skull.

Its eyes are dari chestnut, sad and sweet. Its ears are very long, thing and conical. It  has a  thick long tail carried with a sickle curve. Its coat is thick and should not be too short. It has black markings on a white background which is in turn speckled with black Two black markings cover its ears and circle its eyes. Some dogs are simply white, speckled with black. Its name comes from the fact that from a distance its coat looks to be a beautiful bright blue


Audacious and tenacious in its work, it is affectionate and aristocratic away from the hunt.


It is used for wolf hunting and for finding wild rabbits. It is truly one of the best tracking dogs. Besides having an exceptional sense of smell, it has a modulated bark that can indicate from a great distance the progress of the hunt