Traveling through the Alps was a dangerous business before the era of modern transportation. That’s why the monks at the Saint Bernard Pass between Switzerland and Italy began using their dogs in search and rescue operations. These giant, red-and-white dogs quickly became known around the world as the Saint Bernard. Today, the Saint Bernard is more likely found in the backyard playing hide-and-seek with a gaggle of giggling children then it is on an icy mountaintop. Its sweet, happy personality makes it an excellent family pet as long as you have enough space for its massive body. Male Saint Bernards can often weigh almost 200 pounds, so a tiny apartment is not an option. Also, small children can be accidently knocked over by these big, bouncy dogs. Saint Bernards are available in both long- and short-haired coats. Early obedience training is recommended because an unruly adult Saint Bernard can be a bit like a bull in a china shop.via

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