• R.I.P. Sutter Brown

    Sutter Brown, California’s “First Dog,” has passed away at 13, several months after surgery for an invasive cancer. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was a popular sight around Sacramento, with a loyal Facebook and Twitter following. While his First Dog duties will be taken up by his furry housemate, Colusa, Sutter will be sorely missed by his family and […] More

  • The power of love – video

    Dog too injured to move from a track is saved by her companion who protects her from trains for TWO DAYS  Lucy was stranded on tracks in Ukraine, too injured to move  But her male friend Panda kept her alive for two days on the tracks He kept pushing her head down when trains zoomed […] More

  • Those wonderful dogs – video

    Called by one philosopher “the noblest beast God ever made,” dogs have served humankind in more ways than any other animal. You’ll see loyal canines at work as they search for buried victims of an earthquake disaster, assist the physically disabled, and pull sleds in the blizzard conditions of Alaska. Find out how dogs are […] More

  • Abused dog rescued just in time

    Grace was rescued after she was found with wire tied through her mouth. We think the wire was tied intentionally but we have no information about what happened to her. She had been unable to eat or drink for days and was very near death. Please note that this video contains a few painful scenes […] More

  • The Story of Swansea Jack

    Swansea Jack was a black retriever who lived with his owner William Thomas near the River Tawe in Swansea, Wales, during the 1930s. One day, Jack saw a small boy drowning in the river and ran in, pulling the boy to shore by the scruff of his neck. There was no one around to see […] More

  • Bob the railway dog

    THIS SCRUFFY GERMAN COLLIE was born in 1882 with four seriously itchy paws. At just nine months old, Bob left his home at the Macclesfield Hotel, South Australia, and began his canine career as a hitchhiker on railway locomotives – often taking himself on interstate trips and being welcomed everywhere by friendly train crews. Peterborough […] More

  • Bamse the Norwegian minesweeper St.Bernard

    Bamse was a Saint Bernard that served aboard a Norwegian minesweeper during World War II. Despite his cute and cuddly appearance—Bamse means “cuddly bear” in Norwegian—he was extremely tough. Bamse was originally brought on board by the ship’s captain. When the captain tried to take Bamse with him when leaving for another posting, the crew, […] More