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  • Brain Tumors in Dogs

    Brain Tumors in Dogs

    Hopefully, you will never have to deal with a pet dog that has a brain tumor. If you ever do, this article should give a decent thumbnail sketch about what your pet might go through. A brain tumor exhibits specific symptoms, is relatively manageable, but is an incurable affliction. A brain tumor might be one […] More

  • What Should Your Pregnant Dog Be Eating?

    Many of you may think that our little pregnant dogs may have all kinds of strange cravings and want to eat like crazy when they’re pregnant…but dog’s are pretty controlled in all honesty. They may want a few more morsels than usual, but that’s normal. So, what should your regimen be when your dog is […] More

  • Canine Neurological Disorders

    Canine Neurological Disorders

    There are so many different canine neurological disorders that dogs and puppies can experience it would be almost impossible to cover them all on this page. Having said that we will aim to cover the most common canine neurological disorders, starting with a list compiled below and then going into more detail covering each disorder. […] More

  • 7 Symptoms of UTI in Dogs and What to Do About It

    7 Symptoms of UTI in Dogs and What to Do About It

    It is unbelievable how many dog visits to the vet each year are due to UTIs.  UTI in dogs is a common problem, especially for female dogs.  It’s helpful to understand what the signs and symptoms of UTIs are so you can treat it quickly before it becomes a problem that requires a visit to […] More

  • Lymphoma in Dogs - Pros and Cons of Lymphoma Treatment

    Lymphoma in Dogs – Pros and Cons of Lymphoma Treatment

    Dog lymphoma is a cancer of lymphocytes or white blood cells. It is a common type cancer that affects the lymphatic system in dogs. Lymphoma symptoms in dogs The specific symptoms are determined by the type of lymphoma in dogs. The most common type develops as lumps or swollen lymph glands on the neck, legs […] More

  • Dog Itchy Skin - How to Recognize the Top 5 Causes

    Dog Itchy Skin – How to Recognize the Top 5 Causes

    At some point in time every dog owner is going to have to deal with dog itchy skin. We’re not talking about the casual scratch here. We’re talking serious scratching and biting all of the time. Your poor pooch is suffering with really itchy skin and it’s your job to help him out. There are […] More

  • French Bulldog Breeding Issues

    French Bulldog Breeding Issues

    The French Bulldog does not come without its flaws. The breed is expensive in price and the upkeep of the animals health can become quite pricey, even if they are pet quality. As with any dog, good veterinary care is a must. Many owners consider breeding their Frenchie in order to make money off of […] More

  • 3 Stages of Pregnant Dog Symptoms

    3 Stages of Pregnant Dog Symptoms

    The animals have several common natural phenomenons just like the humans have in their life span and pregnancy is one such natural phenomenon. It is commonly seen that most of the dog owners keep their pet away from being crossed with others, when they are on their breeding period. However in several cases even after […] More

  • Symptoms of Pain and Illness in Dogs

    Symptoms of Pain and Illness in Dogs

    Dog owners, who recognize the early signs and symptoms of illness or pain in their dogs, will not only relieve their loved one’s suffering but may also be able to save themselves an expensive trip to the veterinarian. Not only is it important to recognize these signs early to relieve pain and suffering, but it […] More

  • Parvo - The Deadly Puppy Disease

    Parvo – The Deadly Puppy Disease

    This is the first in a series of articles on the deadly disease, Canine Parvovirus. Make no mistake; your dog — especially if it is a puppy — is at risk from this disease. Future articles in this series will be somewhat graphic, but this information is too important not to share. If I manage […] More

  • Kennel Cough: Is a Natural Treatment the Answer?

    Kennel Cough: Is a Natural Treatment the Answer?

    The consensus is still out on what the exact cause of kennel cough is but if your dog is suffering from it, you´re probably more interested in finding a treatment that is both fast and effective. While some experts believe it is caused by a virus, others blame the bacteria Biordatella Bronchiseptica. Fact is, this […] More

  • Ataxia - Any Puppy or Dog Can Have or Get It

    Ataxia – Any Puppy or Dog Can Have or Get It

    The word ataxia comes from the Greek. It means lack of order. It can show up in a puppy or dog, from the age of 3-4 weeks old to its senior years. It is a neurological disorder; producing a steady degeneration of a animal’s motor skills and mobility. In essence, it affects their coordination and […] More

  • What to Do When Your Dog Or Cat Won't Eat

    What to Do When Your Dog Or Cat Won’t Eat

    Your dog won’t eat. Or your cat is a picky eater. So what on earth do you do? First, a caveat. No animal will willingly starve itself. But ALWAYS have your pet seen by a vet when there’s a change in behavior. You need to rule out illness before embarking on solving a pet’s eating […] More