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  • History of Hunting Dogs

    History of Hunting Dogs

    Prehistoric man appears to have partnered with canines over 20,000 years ago for hunting. How exactly this occurred, we will perhaps never know. However, what we do know is that cave paintings, murals, and other pieces of archeological evidence suggest that this partnership began at around the same time that human beings were organizing themselves. […] More

  • Austrian Hound

    Austrian Hound

    Origin: The Austrian Hound is indigenous to Austria Othe names: Österreichische Glatthaarige, Bracke, Austrian Smooth-haired Hound, Brandlbracke Etymology: Brandlbracke is a compound word, stemming from “Brand” (harmful fire, fire that went out of control) which refers to the fawn markings and “Bracke”, a type of hunting dog. Vieräugl is the Austro-Bavarian diminutive of “Vierauge”, meaning: somebody our something having […] More

  • Polish hound - Ogar Polski

    Polish Hound – Ogar Polski

    Origin The Polish hound, commonly known as Ogar Polski, is indigenous to Poland History F.B. Laska (1907), described Polish hounds as descended from the Kostroma Hound (the Hound of Tatars). According to other historians, the Polish Hounds developed through crossbreeding of Bloodhounds (the St Hubert Hound), imported to Poland in the Middle Ages, with local hounds. Jan […] More

  • Steinbracke


    Origin The Steinbracke was developed in Germany and is little known elsewhere. Description It is a medium-sized dog, robust without being massive, with a light, elongated head. Height:  16 to 18 inches (40-45 cm). Weight:  40 to 49 pounds (20-22 kg). Eyes: dark chestnut, limpid, with a friendly expression. Ears: wide, close to the head. Teeth:  strong […] More

  • Finnish Hound - Suomenajokoira

    Finnish Hound – Suomenajokoira

    Origin Known since 1700, the breed became widespread throughout Finland at the end of the nineteenth century. The Finnish Hound (suomenajokoira, Finnish Bracke) is a breed of dog originally bred for hunting hare and fox The Finnish Hound was a result of a breeding programme in the 1800s, which involved French, German and Swedish hounds. The goal was to develop a hound dog […] More

  • Why Consider Beagle Litter Box Training?

    Why Consider Beagle Litter Box Training?

    People having problems housebreaking their beagle can get frustrated and desperate and they will wind up trying some very strange ideas that seem good at the time but have long term negative effects. litter box training is an example of an idea that seems like a good temporary solution but unless you are prepared to […] More

  • Finnish Spitz - Suomenpystykorva

    Finnish Spitz – Suomenpystykorva

    Origin This breed has been raised for centuries in Finland. Its standard was set in 1812. It is also mentioned in several heroic national songs A Finnish Spitz (Finnish language: Suomenpystykorva) is a breed of dog originating in Finland. The breed was originally bred to hunt all types of game from squirrels and other rodents to bears. It is a “bark pointer”, indicating the position […] More

  • Wirehaired Styrian Mountain Hound

    Wirehaired Styrian Mountain Hound

    Origin The Wirehaired Styrian mountain hound was obtained by crossings between the Hanover hound and the wirehaired  Istrian hound. The breed was created in the 1870s by Karl Peintinger, an industrialist from Styria. Peintinger crossed his “Hela 1”, from an old type of Hanoverian scent hound, with an Istrian Hound, and continued selective breeding until […] More

  • Tyrolean hound

    Tyrolean hound

    Other names: Tiroler Bracke or Tyroler Bracke Origin:  Descended from ancient Austrian hounds, the Tyrolean hound was bred specifically for hunting over the shows and under the sun of the mountainous Tyrol Description: This medium-sized hound has broad flat ears set high on the head. They have a thick double coat including a coarse undercoat, and […] More

  • German Spaniel – Wachtelhund

    Origin The German spaniel was developed in the early 1900’s by the German breeder Frederic Roberth. He crossed small and medium-sized long-haired dogs that had a proven passion for hunting, but the ‘recipe’ has always remained a secret. History Frederick Roberth, a German dog breeder, is credited with creating the modern Deutscher Wachtelhund around 1890. […] More

  • These are the top 5 hunting dogs

    Top 5 Best Hunting Dog Breeds

    When it comes to finding your four legged hunting partner, it can be hard at times cause there are so many different breeds of dogs out there. There are dog breeds that can just hunt one animal or others that can hunt multiple animals. Here is a list of the top dog breeds to help […] More

  • Dachsbracke

    Known since the end of the eighteenth century, this breed was officially recognized in 1896. Description This small dog has a slight resemblance to a Dachshund, with short legs (although longer than a dachshund’s) and a long body. The coat is dense, short but smooth except for the tail and neck. The round eyes have […] More

  • Plott Hound

    The German ancestors of the Plott hound were able  wild-boar hunters. Brought to the United States in 1750 by Jonathan Plott, the breed has been carefully developed to be stronger and more tenacious. Description This is a heavy muscular dog with large ears and a long tail. Height: dogs, 22 – to 25 inches ( […] More