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  • What Do You Need To Know About Dog Aggression?

    What Do You Need To Know About Dog Aggression?

    Any dog, no matter how social, can get aggressive with another pet, resulting in a fight. It is normal for dogs or any kind of pet to misbehave at times as this isn’t the indication that they are having an aggression issue. However, when your dog is being frequently and unpredictably aggressive, then it is […] More

  • Are dogs motivated by treats?

    Are dogs motivated by treats?

    Many dog owners believe the only way to reward dogs is by using treats or assume that dogs only respond to treats. The reality is that we don’t give dogs enough credit. Dogs don’t need to be rewarded by food or treats only to learn something. They are smarter than you think and obviously you […] More

  • Exploring the Causes of Dog Bites

    Exploring the Causes of Dog Bites

    If a dog bites an individual, many people end up blaming the dog. However, the dog does not have any means of compensating the victim. Because of this, people often have to go after the dog’s owner with the help of a dog bite lawyer to get compensated for their injuries. Dog bites are a […] More

  • Love your Dog by Keeping Them Safe

    You, as an owner of a dog must keep control at all times.It is extremely important when visiting public places, such as public parks and when traveling short or long distances. Several laws have been put in place on the township, county, state, and country levels regarding dogs and leashes.Many people enjoy allowing their dog […] More

  • Summertime Fun with your dog(s)

    Taking your furry friend camping is so much fun. You can enjoy each other as well as enjoying family and friends. Nature is such a peaceful environment. We have had a summer campsite for over 20 years. Our first dog got to enjoy the friendships of many other pets as well as lots of human […] More

  • Dogs :: The Feelings of A Pet Owner

    Having had pets throughout my childhood and adulthood, I can honestly say that pets give you a sense of satisfaction that nothing else compares to. Choosing an active pet can have multiple benefits. People tend to stay “young” with trying to keep up with their wild activities. They can also give a person a feeling […] More

  • Dogs resemble humans

    Dogs Resemble Humans

    Growing research finds that man’s best friend acts more like humans than canines. This comes as no surprise to dog owners. Dogs can watch television, display jealousy, have empathy, and even read our facial expressions. Their evolution reveals that they have picked up these tendencies from being wolves to domesticated pets. The things that mimick […] More

  • Springtime storms and your dog

    Springtime Storms and Your Dog

    Thunderstorm phobia in dogs is real, not uncommon, and should not be ignored by owners. In most cases, they don’t even grow out of the “being afraid of storms.” It is up to us, as owners, to make sure they are safe during storms. They begin to pace, pant, hold on to us for dear […] More

  • What Dogs Are More Likely to Be Biters?

    What Dogs Are More Likely to Be Biters?   What Dogs Are More Likely to Be Biters? By Jeffrey S Dawson Some breeds of dogs are bred to be mean, and overly aggressive. Other types of breeds are simply the victims of a bad owner. Most professional dog trainers will candidly tell you that it’s […] More

  • Which Makes Better Dog Houses – Wooden Or Plastic?

    Your pet deserves the best things in life, but that doesn’t mean they can get up on the furniture, or go rooting through the trash, or chew on your shoes. Yes, sometimes that dog just needs to go outside. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a kind of punishment. Dog houses, wooden and […] More