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  • Slovatch Tcouvatch

    Origin This breed developed over the centuries in the mountains of Czechoslovakia. Thanks to the Veterinarian School of Brno, its chracteristics have been fixed, and a pricise standard was established and approved in 1964 The Slovak Cuvac is a Slovak breed of dog, bred for use as a livestock guard dog. This mountain dog—also known as Slovensky Cuvac, Slovak Chuvach, Tatransky […] More

  • Lapphund - Lapplandske spetz

    Lapphund – Lapplandske spetz – w/video

    Origin Widespread throughout Sweden for centuries, the breed was only recognized officially in 1944. The Swedish Lapphund is a breed of dog of the Spitz type from Sweden, one of three Lapphund breeds developed from a type of dog used by the Sami people for herding and guarding their reindeer. The expression “the black beauty of Norrland” is very often attributed to the Swedish lapphund, which is […] More

  • Lapponian Herder - Lapinporokoira

    Lapponian Herder – Lapinporokoira

    Origin The Lapponian herder is indigenous to the Lapponian tundra, where it developed. The Lapponian herder (Lapinporokoira or Lapp Reindeer dog or Lapsk Vallhund) is a breed of dog from Finland, one of three Lapphund breeds developed from a type of dog used by the Sami people for herding and guarding their reindeer. Description The Lapinporokoira is a medium-sized dog, with medium length fur in a double coat. Ears are […] More

  • Rafeiro Do Alentejo

    Rafeiro Do Alentejo

    Origin This indigenous breed has taken the name of the famous Portuguese historic region of Alentejo, bordering on Spain. This is a region of climatic extremes: very hot summers and very cold winters. The Rafeiro do Alentejo or Alentejo Mastiff, also called the Portuguese Mastiff, is a large breed of dog that originated in Portugal. […] More

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    Welsh Corgi

    The Welsh Corgi (/ˈkɔːrɡi/; Welsh for “dwarf dog”) is a small type of herding dog that originated in Wales. Two separate breeds are recognized: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Historically, the Pembroke has been attributed to the influx of dogs alongside Flemish weavers from around the 10th century, while the Cardigan […] More

  • Differences Between Border Collies and Collies

    Differences Between Border Collies and Collies

    Border Collies and Collies are dog breeds often confused with each other. Both were originally bred in England and Scotland as farming and herding dogs. Although they have some similarities, they could not be more different from each other. The Border Collie originated near the border of Scotland and England, thus the name while standard […] More

  • Old English sheepdog

    Old English Sheepdog

    Origin This Old English sheepdog’s origin is uncertain. Three major views prevail: One, that the breed is descended from a hairy Russian dog called the owtchar that was brought to Great Britain on ships from the Baltic. Twho, that the breed is a close relative of the Briard and the Bergamasco. And three, that it […] More

  • Border Collie

    Border Collie

    Origin The Border Collie is descended from reindeer herding dogs brought to Scotland by the  Viking invaders. These dogs were later crossed with the Valée sheepdog Considered highly intelligent, extremely energetic, acrobatic and athletic, they frequently compete with great success in sheepdog trials and dog sports. They are often cited as the most intelligent of […] More

  • Collie - Rough collie

    Collie – Rough Collie

    Origin Fore Centuries, the collie has b een an outstanding sheepdog. The standard was fixed and the breed was presented at dog shows in 1860. The name collie probably comes from Colley, the black-faced, black-footed Scottish sheep that collies guarded. Description Height: dogs, from 24 to 26 inches (61-66 cm.); bitches, 22 to 24 inches […] More

  • Smooth Collie

    The breed is the result of crossing the long-haired collie (black and white) with the greyhound. Description Like the long-haired collie, the smooth collie (dogs and bitches) should be 22 to 26 inches (56-66 cm.) high and weigh between 50 and 76 pounds (23-34 kg.). Eyes: oblique, almond-shaped. Ears: pointed and curved forward. Tail: carried […] More

  • Bearded Collie

    At the time of the Roman invasions, the bearded collie was already popular in Scotland. By 1500 it was celebrated by shepherd and nobility and in the songs of poets. It is in all likelihood related to the bobtail. Description The bearded collie is robust without being massive – looking. Height: from 21 to 22 […] More

  • Karst Sheepdog - kraški ovčar

    Karst Sheepdog – kraški ovčar

    Origin Like the majority of sheepdogs, the Karst came originally from the Orient. Description It is a robust dog of medium size. Height: from 22 to 24 inches (55-60 cm.)   Weight: dogs 66 to 88 pounds (30 – 4 0 kg.); bitches, 10% less. head:  large, with very well developed teeth, almond-shaped eyes (chestnut […] More

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    Boxer (Open list) (1 submission)

    Boxer owners often say that once you own a boxer, you’ll never own another breed. They love this handsome dog as much for its goofy, friendly personality as they do for his cute pushed-in face and tightly muscled body. Boxers are a happy breed and, if they could pull it off, would sit on their […] More

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    Illyrian Sheepdog – Charplaninatz, Sar Planina

    Like the majority of herd dogs, the illyrian sheepdog comes from the ancien Orient and became autochthonous through acclimatization and selective breeding. The breed was officially recognized in 1930. The Šarplaninac or Sarplaninac or Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog or Illyrian Shepherd Dog is a dog breed of the livestock guardian type named after the Šar Mountains in the border area between Kosovo, FYROM and Albania. It is a molosser-type mountain dog. The origin of the breed […] More

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    Swedish Shepherd (Västgötaspets)

    According to the official Swedish Kennel club, which recognized the breed on October 20, 1948, the Swedish shepherd originated and developed naturally. Despite its similarities to the Weelsh corgi, it should not be confused with similar breeds from other countries Description The average height of the Swedish Vallhund, measured to the withers, is approximately 33 cm […] More