Dog Training Tips That Work Best For Smart Dogs

Just because some dogs are hard to train doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with them. Contrary to what most people believe, these dogs are not in any way stupid. In fact, these dogs might even possess quite a high level of intelligence – high enough to let them get what they want when they want it!

Aside from independence and dominance, there are some other traits that might get in the way of your dog training efforts. A dog with a high level of intelligence and determination may also be hard to train. Here are the reasons why:

Smart Dogs Are Hard To Train Intelligence, not stupidity, makes dog training quite a difficult task. Why? This is because most of the hard-to-train breeds are natural born hunters and fighters. They must rely heavily on their brain power in order to survive.

These dogs might be too intelligent for our own good. They can easily see through us – they know our moods and know just how far they can push us around. Intelligent dogs can easily manipulate things and even us owners to get just what they want. You can tell whether your dog is a genius if he or she displays these characteristics: