Great Ways to Use Essential Oils for Your Dog

Here are a few simple ways to prevent health issues for your dog. Essential oils products made by Young Living are natural ways to promote health, naturally prevent pests, and help stop tooth decay. Please keep in mind the not all essential oil brands are processed to the standards of Young Living and if you use other brands you may not receive the benefits and may be causing harm to your pet.

I am a dog breeder and able to test essential oils then view the results. I have attended many classes, read numerous books, listened to countless podcasts on essential oils. I have had the pleasure to speak with a few holistic vets who use essential oils. I tried out suggested applications and discover first hand, if the remedies are good solutions.

These solutions contain many benefits without expensive vet costs or the side effects of manmade products. Here are a few of the Young Living products I have tested. The results have surpassed my expectations. One great benefit is I am no longer applying unnecessary poisons to my dogs or adsorbing the toxicants myself.

Purification is blend of essential oils made by Young Living and is wonderful for cleaning dog’s ears. Put a drop of purification on the palm of your hand, rub the end of a Q-tip in the drop then clean your dog’s ear. Repeat the process with a fresh end of a Q-tip for the other ear. Repeat daily till the Q-tip is free of debris. It kills ear mites instantly. Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM has preformed tests and she witnessed the ear mites dying when she applied purification on the microscope slide. Purification diffused or sprayed on their bedding kills pests, disinfects and keeps your home free of critters without using harmful chemicals.