Itchy Dogs - Quick Tips to Relieve the Itch

Just as parents can not stand to see their children hurt, pet owners hurt watching their dogs scratching and licking their skin and hair repeatedly. It’s not like we can ask Rover what’s wrong. We have to watch and wonder what is causing these itchy dogs to be in such discomfort. Knowledge is key though and there are signs we can watch for and precautions we can take before we have to spend to take him to the Veterinarian’s office.

First of all, do not scratch itchy dogs for them. This will only make the itch worse. Instead, bathe them in cool water to soothe the itch. Warm or hot water tends to irritate the skin and make it worse. Add to the water Epsom salts, baking soda, or colloidal oatmeal create a more soothing experience for the dog. This will not cure the itching but will provide relief for a few hours to a few days. When drying off the dog, pat the hair, do not rub it as that will also agitate the dog dry skin or dog skin allergies he may have. Also, do not blow dry his hair on the heat setting.