Put a Stop to Your Dog's Aggression

All dogs have the potential to be aggressive. It is a natural instinct that comes in very handy when they need to hunt and defend themselves. They may not just feel the need to defend themselves either. They can become protective of their mate, food, and the place where they sleep. Dogs have a natural and very powerful desire to survive and that desire to survive can also drive them to become aggressive and protective.

Breeding over the centuries has significantly refined this trait, but let’s face it, dogs have the ability to inflict much harm with their very powerful teeth.

So what can we the dog owners and handlers do? Are we helpless? No, we are not helpless there is a lot that we can do to prevent aggression. If prevention is not possible there are steps that can be taken to deal with the aggression.

There are different types of aggression. Aggression towards strangers and aggression towards family members are the most common.

It will be pretty easy to tell if your dog is aggressive towards strangers. Either he will be jumpy and on alert and pacing around whining and barking. Or he might be very still staring hard at the stranger who has dared to trespass on his territory.