German Shorthaired Pointer – Dog Breeds

German Shorthaired Pointer - Dog Breeds


Group: Sporting

Weight: male: 55-70, female: 45-60 lbs

Height: male: 23-25, female: 21-23 inches


The German Shorthaired Pointer breed was first bred during the 1800s for hunting purposes. They were created by crossing the old Spanish pointers with several other breeds such as scent and tracking hounds; Foxhounds, Italian Pointers, German Tracking Hounds, German Bird Dogs and English Pointers. This mixture produced an open, lean, hunting dog with great flexibility, being capable to retrieve both fur and feather, on land and water. These dogs do very will in companion hunting as well as field trials, hunt tests, tracking trials and as show dogs.


This breed was bred to be a family friendly dog as well as a hunter. German Shorthaired Pointers should affectionate and clever dogs that are easy to train. They are happy, gracious and very sociable. German Shorthaired Pointers love children and will get along well with them, but some puppies can be too lively. If taught from puppyhood, these dogs can as adults make wonderful companions to children. This breed makes an outstanding watch dogs seeing that they are so protective and loyal to their families.


Although these dogs have short, coarse coats that shed a lot – a weekly brushing will help to reduce the shedding. A good diet will also help lessen the shedding, together with enhancements such as omega-3 fatty acids or fish oil. These dogs should only be bathed when it is really needed, and it is vital for these dogs to be dried properly after hunting to prevent coldness. Their feet should be checked after working in fields, as burrs, sticks and other unknown objects can become stuck into the pads. It is also important to keep their ears dry in order to prevent infections.


The German Shorthaired Pointer will need an owner with previous dog ownership experience as they require lots of proper training. It is part of their character to work in long distances from their handlers, should therefore know that the handler is in control and to come when they are called. There are only a small number of hunting breeds that can execute all gundog roles; and they are the pointer, the retriever, the water and upland bird dog and scent hounds. They are effortlessly trained to do these activities, but it does take some time to perfect.

Health problems

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a fairly healthy breed, but they can have problems with disorders such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, entropion and skin disorders. Most dogs with droopy ears struggle with ear infections, and regular cleaning of the ears are therefore necessary. This breed can without difficulty gain weight if not exercised. They will need a lot of food when worked, but should not be overstuffed. If left overweight, these dogs are prone to injury when having to work and exercise.


Source by John M Williams