Origin: The Pomeranian has the same prehistoric origins as all the spitz – type dogs, but the breed was developed in the Prussian region of Pomerania

Description: Maximum height: qw inches (30cm). Average weight: 11 pounds (5kg).

It has a wedge – shaped head, small dark eyes with an intelligent expression, and ointed upright ears. Itw tail is folded over its back. Its hair is thick and long. Colors: unicolor white, red, orange, black, or gray. Its coat is at its most perfect when the dog is three years old. When the dog is old, it may become mottled with bald spots.

Personality: Lively, cheerfuls, proud, obedient, with a tendency to bark at strangers

Uses: After being a watchdog and a shepherd, it became a luxury companion dog during the Renaissance. It loves its home, and when necessary, it will improvise as a guard.

Note: Pomeranian puppies are born very small and delicate. Three newborns can be held in the palm of one’s hand