A little about Pugs

Origin: Brought from China to Holland four hundred years ago, the pug was later perfected in England.

Description: It has a compact body and well – developed musculature.

Height: 10 to 11 inches (25.4-28cm)

Weight: 14 to 18 pounds (6.3 – 8 kg)

It has a round massive head: a short, square muzzle; and deep wrinkles on its forehead.

Eyes: prominent, with a sweet expression.

Ears: pendent, soft and velvet.

Tail: twisted over its haunches.

Limbs: straight and strong.

Hair: soft and shiny

Colors: apricot – yellow, silver, black, with as dark a mask as possible

Personality: The pug is an affectionate loving dog, especially with its master. It is miserable in hot weather and should not be left in closed cars or stuffy apartments when the weather is hot.

Uses:  It has always been a companion dog, especially popular with women.